Time To Be Heard

How can it help?

By talking through your problems and being able to express openly your feelings and thoughts with your counsellor you can come to understand them better and find ways of resolving your difficulties. Sharing even the most troublesome matters with someone trained to listen and reflect on what is being said can help you find better ways of coping.

Sometimes family or friends find it hard to listen in a helpful way because they are emotionally involved themselves with your issues and may have vested interests or find it hard not to give advice or pass judgement. A confidential relationship with a trained counsellor can assist you in expressing your true feelings and working out what you want for yourself.

For some, telling their story is in itself therapeutic. For others understanding more why they are feeling or behaving as they do can give new insight and open up possibilities for change. Issues may arise because of past difficult experiences or be due to current pressures. How we think and feel about these experiences can affect how we deal with them and counselling can help us reflect on this and change if this is desirable.

It is important to be aware that counselling can lead to you feeling more intense emotions and even feeling worse before you feel better as you explore troublesome matters. Taking care of yourself and finding support are important if this occurs.